Business Credit Card Processing

Most businesses rely on credit card processors to handle the details of accepting credit and debit cards.
Credit card processing is an important service and it ensures that customers can simply and quickly checkout.
Smart Business Funding provides credit card processing with cheap rates.

Credit Card Processing Steps

Getting Credit Card Processing for your business is simple. With our quick application process, you’ll be able to process cards in a short period of time. Our process is broken into 3 steps: Apply, Receive and Process.


You or a financial expert from your organization fills out a brief business funding application.


Receiving Credit Card Processing from Smart Business Funding can take 24 hours or less! If there are no hiccups in the application and qualifying stages, we can get you a terminal within 24 hours after approval. Our goal is to get you processing credit cards into your business as fast as possible. We will work with you to make sure that happens.


Smart Business Funding will charge cheap, flexible and affordable costs to accept Credit Cards.

Frequently Ask Questions

A : The cost of processing  is different for each business owner. Underwriting determines the cost of the capital based on a variety of factors including credit, location, industry type and debt the business has.

Yes, we have weekly and daily payment options. 

A : There is no reporting to any credit reporting agency.

A : Businesses are typically eligible for renewal as soon as they are 50% paid back.

A : Phone: 866-Re-Smart or email:
A :  We are located in Brooklyn NY.
A : Yes, we are proud of our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Here is the link to our profile:

Get The Credit card processing you need today

Businesses of all sizes are encouraged to contact us about our Credit Card Processing options or apply for Credit Card Processing.  Processing from Smart Business Funding that backs your business to help it grow can be the difference between an average business and one that succeeds and surpasses competitors. Contact us today to learn more!

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