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Oklahoma has made some modest strides in recent years to lower its unemployment rate with net job gains for the state reaching 4.7% since the recession hit. With an unemployment rate of 4.2% below the nation’s average of 4.4%, Oklahoma has shown a positive sign for growth among its top performing industries. One of Oklahoma’s largest industry is its energy industry employing roughly a quarter of Oklahoma’s workforce mostly in gas and oil production. Oklahoma’s energy industries have also invested billions in wind power technology which provides a total of 4,000 jobs including manufacturing and support industries and provides $340 million in labor income.

The state also offers opportunities for growth in its bioscience industry providing careers involved in research, development, and distribution supported by 500 businesses operating in those fields. The industry alone has a total economic impact of more than $6.7 billion and directly employs 44,000 people. Oklahoma’s bioscience industry works side by side with its agricultural industry, being among the oldest and most influential sector with institutes such as the Institute for Agricultural Biosciences at Oklahoma State University providing educational resources to support both industries.

Oklahoma is also the home of Tinker Air Force Base, the world’s largest aircraft-maintenance and military-aviation complex facility that employs 26,000 people and an aviation industry that provides over 142,000 jobs. Oklahoma also supports a complex network of rivers and transport systems which includes two major railroads, five airports, and three interstate highways which have helped its transportation and distribution industry prosper. Businesses would have the most to benefit from Oklahoma’s economic success but for this with poor credit, no collateral or operate in a risk-averse industry, it can be very difficult to receive assistance when it comes to getting funding. Fortunately, there’s us at Smart Business Funding.

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As long as you have been in business for about three months and have a monthly avenue of $5,000.00 or more, you qualify for the base requirements to get small business funding. If you’re looking to grow your business, consider us at Smart Business Funding.