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Wyoming is known for having one of the top coal mining industries in the country. Mining in general accounts for almost 30% of Wyoming’s GDP and in addition to coal, Wyoming also extracts gas and oil. Wyoming’s mining industry is so profitable that most of the tax burden is shouldered in that industry alone. With no personal or corporate tax, Wyoming levies off the minerals and resources it produces and classes them as property tax accounting for 94% of the property taxes paid in the state.

After mining, tourism is the second most important industry in Wyoming drawing in an annual revenue of $2 billion and attracting 6 million people to its most popular attractions such as the Yellowstone national park, Grand Teton, and its national monuments. Farming is another important industry that  has played a major role in the history of the state’s economy and has an influence in Wyoming’s real estate industry too as many ranches operate in Wyoming and changes in the price of farmland has raised its value forcing some farmers to sell or expand their operations. However, according to an article published by the Buffalo Bulletin, it is said that much of the farmlands are still made affordable to farmers and ranchers in the state due to money coming from oil and gas leases.

When Wyoming’s workforce are not too busy mining, servicing the tourist industry or out farming they are working in Wyoming’s manufacturing industry which contributes $1.25 billion producing goods such as chemical products, fabricated metal, non-metal mineral products, machinery, electrical appliances, and rubber. The industry particularly specializes in petroleum refinement with refinery plants in 5 locations producing a total of 170,000 barrels a day. Potential business owners there will be happy to know that this industry has grown by 50% within the past 5 years and that 2/3 of export manufacturers there are all small businesses.

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