Wisconsin Business Funding

Wisconsin Business Funding

Wisconsin business owners, welcome to Smart Business Funding.

The state of Wisconsin is comprised of seven regions that are home to its highly diverse economy, with manufacturing being its most dominant industry. According to the June 2013 issue of The Wisconsin Economic Future Study, more than 400,000 workers are employed in that sector and about $4 billion was spent on capital expenditures in 2011 alone. Aside from this, Wisconsin has also taken an initiative to deal with future challenges to its economy by assembling a team of institutions that will help make it stronger. Dubbed “The Future Wisconsin Project”, the project includes the collaborative efforts of schools such as the University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Technical College, Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation and other institutions whose research efforts have made major contributions in important sectors such as Wisconsin’s water, energy, biotechnology, healthcare and food production industries.

Dairy product manufacturing is one of the many industries that Wisconsin supports with cheese being its most popular commodity. This comes as no surprise considering that Wisconsin is also known as the cheesehead state but dairy products aside, Wisconsin also specializes in fruit and vegetable preserving which thrives in Wisconsin’s fertile soil and the entrepreneurial spirit of its citizens. Wood, leather, and paper are among other products that Wisconsin is known to produce with its wood industry accounting for “14 percent of jobs and 13 percent of wages in the manufacturing sector” according to Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources. Due to its long history of producing forest-based products, Wisconsin has shifted its focus to being a leader in environmental sustainability which is why it now implements sustainable manufacturing and forest management practices.

Wisconsin is also on the cutting edge of researching and developing technologies such as engineering, nanotechnology, composite materials and providing equipment and services to its aerospace industry. With all of these industries to choose from, small businesses within Wisconsin have a great advantage when it comes to working in thriving diverse sectors but getting the right kind of financial support also matters which is why we at Smart Business Funding would like to extend that opportunity for further growth by receiving funding from us.

Small Business Funding in Wisconsin 

We provide an alternative to funding for businesses that may have been rejected by banks or other lenders in the past. We are different in that we at don’t look at your credit rating nor do we require you put up collateral when you apply for financing with us as our funding services come with flexible monthly rates, high approvals, a quick and simple online application, and funding within 2 days after completing our online form. We serve businesses in all industries. You have nothing to lose by applying with us but everything to gain by working with us.

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We make it easy for you to apply for business funding. Wisconsin business owners can simply visit our online application to notify our team that you are looking for additional funding and we will give you feedback immediately to see what works for your business. To start, simply fill out our online application here or if you’d like to contact us, call/text us at Phone: 1-866-Re-Smart
(1-866-73-76278). If you own a small business in Wisconsin, please don’t hesitate to call us soon!

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