Why Providing Good Customer Service is Important in the Hospitality Industry by Brandon Walker

Many tourist related businesses today have embraced the power of the internet by using professionally designed websites that can provide potential customers with all sorts of information at the click of a mouse from the comfort of their home. For example, it is now common for many potential overseas tourists to book and pay online for a room in a hotel that they may not have stayed in before.

Many of the top hotels that have online websites ensure that they are designed to specifically inform potential customers what they can expect by way of amenities such as gymnasium, pool, games room and dining facilities.

Many of the top end hotels also have luxurious expensive suites that have been specially decorated and suitably fitted out for the rich and famous. To ensure these VIP guests are provided with appropriate service, generally experienced managerial or senior staff members proficient in a high level of customer service skills are engaged to look after their requirements.

By using modern technology a potential customer living on the other side of the world can now find out what their hotel room looks like and what standard of accommodation they can expect simply by watching a website video link on a computer screen. This smart use of technological has meant many hotels today can market themselves to potential guests with a virtual online tour of their premises before they arrive. With airlines offering travelers low-cost fares and vacation packages that include hotel accommodation, travelers are spoilt for choice with respect to luxury 5 star hotels and motels. To meet the demand, hotel chains with hundreds of rooms have now been built in many of the world’s major cities with the aim of providing accommodation for visitors and overseas tourists.

To maintain market share many of these top class hotels pride themselves on the good customer service skills their staff have and display, particularly in front office reception areas, which is generally the first point of contact a guest or visitor will have with hotel staff.

It is also important for any hotel that offers accommodation through online services such as bookings to have restaurant staff, room service workers, baggage handlers, front counter staff and so on, effectively trained in good customer service skills so guests are provided with exceptional customer service in all areas of the business.

The reason for doing this is because although the internet is a powerful marketing tool that can enhance the reputation of a business, it also has the capacity to damage the good name of a business. For example, customers can use dedicated websites designed that gives them the opportunity to make an online review on a businesses performance.

Effectively, this online review facility enables customers to make positive as well as negative comments on whether they have had a poor or good customer service experience during their stay at a particular hotel, resort or motel.

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