As you transition into the next stage of your business, you may find yourself needing furniture store business loans to get there. Whether you’re growing your business or trying to recover from a financial setback, Smart Business Funding has all of the furniture store business loans and options that you need to move forward.

Here we will show you the most popular sources of business loans and which options are available to furniture stores of any size. The needs of your business will make the biggest impact on which loan is right for you. If you need help making a decision, give us a call today at Smart Business Funding and we will get you on the right track.

Furniture Store Business Loan Sources

Finding funding for your furniture business may seem difficult at first, but it’s not impossible. The two primary sources of outside funding come from conventional bank loans and alternative business loan lenders. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Conventional Bank Loans

A standard bank is what most people and companies think of when it comes to finding business loans for a company of any size. However, the smaller and less experienced you or your company is, the less willing a bank may be to work with you and your situation. As a result, conventional bank loans are often harder to get for a smaller company like a furniture store.

Alternative Business Loan Lenders

The solution for many furniture store businesses is the utilization of an alternative business loan lender. These are lenders that do not have as strict or steep requirements and criteria in order to secure a loan. Smart Business Funding falls under this category.

Types of Business Loans for Furniture Stores

At Smart Business Funding, we have two major sources of funding to provide to businesses of any size. Our lending amount ranges from one thousand to two million dollars. No matter what size of company you are, we have the funding you need to help make a difference in your company.

Merchant Cash Advance

Our merchant cash advance program can provide you with capital up to 125% of your monthly credit card volume. This will help you to jump forward and get ahead of the game in your market or industry. This cash advance is paid off over time by our “purchasing” a small percentage of your future credit card sales. This amount is collected every day from credit card statements.

Commercial Cash Advance

Similar to the Merchant Cash Advance option, the Commercial option is also based off of your monthly revenue, up to 125%. Unlike the other option, the Commercial option focuses on future cash sales instead. Each day, we will debit your bank account for a small amount that is agreed upon in advance.

Whether you need to save your business or get ahead of the market, Smart Business Funding can help you get the funding you need with our furniture store business loans. The process is completed in three easy steps: applying, qualifying, and receiving. Stop by our website and apply today or leave us a message and we will help you to pick the best lending option that will help your business succeed!