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What to Know About Getting a Small Business Funding in California

As the third largest state in the US, California has a robust economy and many substantial industries in which businesses can succeed. Whether you own a small business in one of the larger industries or in a smaller industry, you may occasionally find yourself needing help with the financial side of things. Small businesses, in particular, feel the most pain when the economic status of an area suffers, but Smart Business Funding is here to help ease the burden. Maybe your California small business is doing fine financially, but you could simply use a little more working capital to expand your company, hire more employees, purchase new equipment, or take care of some unexpected expenses. Regardless of why you find yourself needing a small business loan in California, Smart Business Funding can assist you in getting the necessary amount of funds to help you succeed. Here are a few things you should know before proceeding with attaining a small business loan in California.

Banks Are Not the Best Option

In the past, banks have been the go-to for business loans. But times have changed, and banks are no longer the first (or even second or third) option for seeking out funding for your small business. Banks require extensive paperwork, have strict requirements, and force you to wait for months to find about approval. More often than not, banks do not approve anyone with less than perfect credit, ideal debt to income ratios, and an exceptional financial history. At Smart Business Funding, we make the application process as easy and simple as possible, and we let you know about approval in just a few days.

Private Lenders Can Offer Simpler Options

When companies take out a small business loan in California, they often prepare themselves for expensive and lengthy repayment periods. But non-bank lenders, such as Smart Business Funding, allow you the option of merchant cash advances and business cash advances, making repayment easier and simpler than ever. Instead of your paying a set amount each month for what seems like forever, our advance options provide you funding by purchasing a portion of your credit card or cash sales, which we will withdraw on a daily basis. This way, your payments are made based on how your business is doing and you don’t even have to think about it, since it’s all automated.

When you’re ready to start the application process for your small business loan in California, be sure to start at Smart Business Funding. Our financial service experts are looking forward to working with you and helping you and your business succeed.

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