A business vision is a bold image that represents where you want your business  to be in the future. It is based on the goals you have for your business and can be a guiding beacon when it comes determining whether or not your business is going in the right direction. Visions can be clearly communicated across your business through vision statements which are the written embodiment of where you want your business to be, what would you want it to accomplish and how you can inspire your employees to reach their goals.

To create a clear and effective vision statement, you must think about what inspired you to start it in the first place and what values or principles you may want to instill in it.  For some it could be to create a foundation to support an important cause like environmental sustainability or to support their community. Many business owners draw inspiration from important aspects that matters a lot to their business such as having a trustworthy reputation or providing a high quality product or service and for others it could be something more practical such as being able to support their family. One important tip businesses can use to write would be to hold a vision workshop where owners can invite and collaborate with important members of their staff to generate ideas that can be used as a basis for their vision statement.

Afterwards you can begin to write your official statement which should be short but  powerful in terms of expressing the passion and aspirations you want for others to see. Once you’re done, use it as a guide every now and then to see if your business is living up to the goals expressed in your statement or not. If you want, you can post it at various locations in your business or on your website platforms so that your employees or customers can know what you want your business to represent.

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