The most important assets a company possesses is intellectual potential, which its own personnel. Successful business in any field recognize how essential their employees are; hence, top managers create strategies to encourage their peers and motivate them to succeed.
Making employees feel valued and appreciated helps to align their work with the mission of the business. They are compelled to actively contribute and focus on reaching the goals of the organization. On the other hand, if employees feel undervalued, they will leave the business.
Therefore, managers should work on creating and maintaining a strong manager-employee relationship as it is the key to business longevity.

Build Trust

The trust in the organization is essential. If employees do not trust their managers, they do not convey their ideas and thoughts openly or work closely with their peers. In order to build trust, managers need to be transparent by providing information and giving feedback. The atmosphere should be inviting and friendly, where everyone can feel they could come to their head of departments with a question. This is a so-called “Ask Me Anything” approach, which helps employees feel closer to their co-workers.
Mytalk, an online community building platform, advises choosing a day of the week to hold a team lunch, during which everyone can ask each other about projects they are working on, interests outside of work. The purpose of such meals is to bring transparency and build stronger connections between employees, regardless of their position.

Set Expectations

Expectations are fundamental to get the best from the employees. Managers should clearly express employee expectations, including behavior and performance. In order to increase innovation and productivity, employees expectations should match with the department or the entire organization’s strategic goals and planning.
Mytalk recommends creating a board, which would let all employees know if they are meeting the expectations and goals of the business. Regular meetings should take place either every months or quarter, where the team must create the board. During the meeting, managers should establish expectations of each employee as well as categorize projects based on need. Tracking progression of each project from the initiation to completion is an excellent visual stimulant that monitors progress and shows accomplishments.

Give Feedback

Feedback is critical to an employee’s success. Using constructive criticism, managers should provide employees with a clear understanding of their shortcomings and are guided towards improvement. Managers should provide constant review and feedback making sure employees are on the right path. In order to make the staff valued, every time they pitch a new idea, it should be taken into consideration.

Mytalk thinks that supervisors should ask more questions to get better insight into the topic. An open discussion creates solid connections between employees. Every week management should conduct meetings with employees to review goals and progress. It is a perfect time to come up with new ideas and motivate employees to take part in new projects that will contribute to the success of the company and let them grow professionally.

Reward Success

Distinguishing employee success is an efficient way to motivate staff and increase job satisfaction. The recognition can be done in financial and non-financial means, such extra days off, trips, vouchers, and bonuses.
We, at Mytalk, believe that people are a reliable resource for businesses as the most talented ideas come from the personnel. Hence, building productive relationships with own workers is essential. Healthy relationships within the organization will ensure innovation and creative atmosphere, which will push the company towards success.

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