Time is the one thing we can never get enough of unfortunately many of us don’t manage it well. When it comes to scheduling every now and then we could  fall short of meeting our goals or getting things done on the date deadlines fall in because sometimes we’re juggling too many responsibilities in our lives such as working , going to school, volunteering in some places and other things. Other times we fail to use the time that we have properly allowing us to fall behind on important things in our lives and one of the biggest reasons is because of distractions. With the web, smart phones and the fact that millennials are losing their attention span it’s not that hard to lose focus. With that said though there are ways around this and below are just a few ways you can keep yourself focus on the work you have to do without losing your attention.

      There are things that we plan to do one day but end up finishing on the following day maybe the day after that too. Most of the time the reason why you feel that you can’t get things done on time is because you don’t start things on time or you try to do too much on one day knowing that you won’t be able to finish on the same day to which at this point you’ve got to pause and rethink how you’re planning your activities for today. Many people get a sense that the more they do in one day the more they would be able to achieve in a year which just isn’t the case for everyone. Sometimes you don’t even need to do much to get much done. As Nathalie Lussier says in her blog article http://www.lifehack.org/articles/productivity/how-get-more-done-day-7-ideas-that-really-work.html“As humans, we constantly overestimate what we can achieve in one day, and underestimate what we can achieve in one year. Set big goals for yourself in life, but set small achievable goals for your day to day activities.” Taking small steps each day to complete one task can go a long way for you.

      As said earlier people can get easily distracted because of what’s in front of them. Some people including the author of this article get distracted by news feeds from search engine sites to article searches online. Social media apps are another popular source of distractions on phones and unless you know you have excellent self control it is recommended that you delete them from your phone. The time you’ve spent reading up on news articles, talking to people about current events and surfing the web on what’s happening is time that could’ve been used productively to  practice a new language, finishing a novel you’ve already started or getting started on school work you have left behind. By focusing more on these things and less on what’s happening in the world you can collectively cut hours in the months from those distractions to be more productive. Your devices are another distraction that needs to be controlled and for phones like Androids and Apple phones which uses iOS there is a creative way to mentally stimulate yourself from looking at your phone. In the settings you can control many functions you’d like your phone to have and if you want to be less addicted to your phone you could try changing the color settings on it from color to black and white. This function is called grayscale mode and the way you can set it up is in the highlighted links above.You would be less inclined to check your phone in places where you cannot allow yourself time to switch the settings back like in staff meetings. You would now be more attentive and critical of work that needs to be done.

The Pareto Principal
      You may have your full intention of getting all of your most important work done today but could get hampered back by your other less important daily tasks that get in the way of you finishing up that one important work. If you’re pondering how you can find a way to finish what you need to get done ahead of time there is a technique that allows you to prioritize what you want to get done first in a list of high priority tasks. The way to do this is by analyzing which one of your task yields the highest output percentage in terms of work that needs to be done and starting and completing it first in your work day to save you the trouble of finishing it later. You other least important tasks that you still have to get done day by day can be saved at the end that way you get those done on time too. Determining what holds the most weight in terms of work that needs to be done helps bring you closer to your career goals.

Regaining your focus 
      It is still easy to get lost in a day dream and unlike everything above you can’t just turn your mind off. Stray thoughts can take us on a different route in our minds so you’re going to have to channel your focus on clearing your mind and making it devoid of distracting thoughts. When you’re at work you could be daydreaming about a multitude of things and if that is the case you can put one thought in your head that would snap your focus right back at attention which is thinking about finishing your task immediately. This burst of thought acts as a caffeine shot for your mind and writing those tasks down will require less effort from your brain to remember to finish them in the first place. A habit of writing them down will require less work on your part to get them done on time that way you can get right back into business the next day or right back to practicing those notes on your guitar the next time you have an urge to lose focus.