Are you a new small business owner seeking capital for your business? If you’re think about going to a traditional lender for funding, then you might be out of luck as traditional lenders like banks usually fund business owners who possess years of experience running a business. Even if you’ve managed to stay in business for more than 2 years, traditional lenders also look at other important areas such as your credit rating, your business plan, the industry you work in and, of course, your business’s financial information before they determine whether you qualify for funding.

80% of small businesses who apply for funding get rejected by banks for many reasons such as simply working in a risky industry or lacking a strong business plan. Other contributing causes include the increasing number of lending regulations for small businesses after the 2008 financial crisis and the high transaction costs of lending to small businesses making it more unpopular with banks.

Businesses need capital to grow that’s why we at Smart Business Funding make it easy for them to apply for funding by not having them fill out endless paperwork or require that they have good credit or put up collateral. We provide businesses with a second chance to get the money they need without going through the hurdles that traditional lenders make them jump through.

We’re very flexible when it comes to the industries we fund the only exceptions being the payday lending industry and law firms. When it comes to process of getting funded, we can deliver the requested amount to your business within 2 days as oppose to months with banks. Repayment is also a simple process as we take a small portion of your business’s credit revenue at a rate that adjusts to the income level of your business. To see what we can do for you, call us at 917-533-2979 or explore our website at