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Vermont Business Funding

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Even though Vermont has the second lowest population in the country, it still supports a diverse but modest economy that meets the needs of 624,594 of its citizens. One of those industries that support it is its agricultural industry which makes up a sizable chunk of Vermont’s economy. Covered in forest and farmland, Vermont’s farm industry especially its dairy farm industry has helped shaped Vermont’s agriculture throughout its history, though the industry is expected to decline due to labor shortages and the receding number of farms in operation. The industry is kept alive mostly by its production of organic products which has led to the expansion of its organic farm industry.

With its ample woodlands, logging and timber production has also played a prominent role in Vermont’s early economic development. Though like farming, that industry is also expected to see a declined due to competition and over-logging. Vermont instead has managed to shift itself into producing maple syrup which accounts for a quarter of all the maple syrup produced in the U.S. Its manufacturing industry has made steady gains over recent years providing employment to 25% of Vermont’s workforce with its largest employer, IBM, employing about 5,000 workers as of 2013 and contributing billions of dollars annually to the state’s annual income.

Vermont does, however, have a strikingly beautiful landscape with its brightly colored forests and scenic rivers stretching all across the New England state. This has had a significantly positive effect on its tourism and service industry with outdoor activities such as skiing, hunting, fishing, and snowboarding drawing millions of visitors annually. It also has numerous resorts, lodges and snow sporting facilities employing a big portion of the labor market. Small businesses there have much to work within that particular industry which is why Smart Business Funding would like to provide small businesses in Vermont the opportunity to receive financing without the strict terms that come with working for other lenders.

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With us, we can provide you with alternative funding for your business even if you’ve been rejected by banks or other lenders because of bad credit. We can offer between $1,000 to $2,000,000.00 upon completing our online application form here and if you qualify, you can get the funding you need in less than 48 hours. We won’t turn you down because of bad credit or the type of industry your business works in and we offer very flexible monthly rates and don’t take collateral either.


To qualify, all you need to do after you’ve filled out our online application form is to show that you’ve been in business for at least 3 months and that your business makes $5,000.00 in sales revenue a month.

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You can reach us by calling or texting us at Phone: 1-866-Re-Smart (1-866-73-76278) or by visiting our website at https://www.smartbusinessfunder.comIf you own a business in Vermont, come call us soon.

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