How Stories Greatly Enhance Your Business Brand Positioning

Have you incorporated your story into your business marketing?

I recently attended a live event, WOW – Women of Worth, at Harrison Hot Springs where several women took the stage to inspire, educate and motivate the audience.

WOW Event in Harrison Hot Springs 2016Each of the guest speakers had their own unique story to tell, which captivated the audience and left us wanting to hear more.

What these women did so masterfully was incorporate their story into their presentation. By doing this, they quickly drew in the audience and built a strong “Know, Like and Trust factor” with them.

This immediately positioned them not only as experts in their field, but also garnered the trust needed for the audience to take the next step and make a purchase.

And as a result, their “back of the room” sales exploded after their presentations.

Telling your unique story in your business will have your audience wanting more

Stories Create Fascination

One of the memorable speakers was Leah Goldstein who spoke on Think Like A Champion: No Limits!

Leah infused her story of being a champion kickboxer, a Tour de France cyclist, a Race Across America Champion and the first female undercover sergeant in Israel and instructor of the elite Commando division.

Today she uses her story into her business where she’s a motivational speaker and author and also offers wellness weekend workshops, personal and group training and nutritional planning.

How Leah uses her story to build her business compels people to work with her due to the fascination her story brings as well as the proof that she knows what she’s talking about!

Stories Help Others Like You

KELITA is another speaker/entertainer who brought her story into her presentation. KELITA is a 5-time Juno nominee and multi award-winning recording artist, songwriter, comedian and inspirational speaker.

She had us in stitches laughing one minute and welling up with tears the next! Throughout her time on stage, she took the audience on a journey of her life.

One filled with tragic loss, abuses and failures all the while, she brought us into her world in an intimate way that was relatable and genuine.

Her story-telling approach had us all not just “Liking” her but LOVING her and wanting to support her however we could.

Stories Enhance Your Expertise

Brenda Eastwood brought a different kind of story to her presentation. Her story was based on her 30-year expertise as a nutritionist and how she changed women’s lives when armed with the right knowledge about hormones.

By showcasing her expertise through her fact-based presentation plus sharing various success stories, the audience immediately trusted she knew what she was talking about and literally ran to her table to purchase her packet of recommended supplements.

Another incredible speaker was Olivia McIvor who talked about the Business of Kindness. Her story-infused presentation was similar to Brenda’s where she brought the subject of kindness in the workplace to a scientific level, helping us all understand this is way beyond “WooWoo” stuff.

Her expertise was showcased as she brought her 25 years experience in the HR field to her presentation filled with facts, figures and funny antidotes that taught us how to create a culture of kindness wherever we are.

Stories Create Loyal Followers

WOW Organizer Christine AwramEven the event organizer, Christine Awram brought her own personal story with her where she tragically lost her Mother just a few days before the event.

Her honesty, authenticity and genuine passion for the betterment of the women who attended ensured her not letting this personal tragedy affect their experience was not only awe-inspiring but truly admirable.

Do you think she will get loyal followers after this? You better believe it! Judging by how many women signed up for the April WOW event in Vernon (including me!) and even next year’s event again at Harrison was a clear indication of the impact her story had.

Stories Will Build Your Business

Whether you are a speaker / presenter or not, there are plenty of opportunities for you to infuse your own story into your brand positioning for your business.

There are plenty of opportunities you can infuse your story into your business brand positioning

A story will help your audience connect with you on a level that no ad campaign can ever do. Give it a try the next time you write a blog article or write your about page on your website.

What story can you talk about that will help your followers connect with you at a deeper level?

To your success,
Susan Friesen

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