Two Powerful Ways A Business Can Benefit From Mobile Marketing

Today, more and more companies are embracing the power and potential of mobile marketing, using it to access unlimited vital market opportunities relevant to their niches. People are spending more time on their mobile devices than desktops. From browsing through websites to checking an email, the small mobile device screen is convenient and versatile, enabling seamless organization of content.

However, many businesses today are still sitting on the sidelines, preferring conventional means of marketing techniques. If your business is yet to put into use a mobile-based marketing, you’re missing out on significant opportunities.

Simply put, mobile marketing is any marketing which is targeted at mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. Without further ado, here is how your business can benefit from mobile marketing.

Mobile Applications Are Extremely Popular

On average, people have 26 apps installed on their smartphones. What does this translate to your business? You are competing with 26 other apps for attention!

Many companies today are creating their applications which can be downloaded onto most, if not all types of smartphones. Marketers can use the apps to send out surveys, make special offers, or relay any information to their customers. Apps are also a great way of building customer loyalty and custom push notifications, depending on each user’s actions.

Experience The Power Of SMS/Text Marketing

Sending text messages to customers is a viable option. Research conducted by shows that 79% of mobile users still depend on SMS opt-in to assist them when shopping. It may be up against competition from web based instant messaging apps like Messenger and WhatsApp, but SMS remains relevant as ever. With the help of SMS marketing automation, companies can create, schedule, and automate targeting campaigns.

The beauty of SMS marketing is that:

  • It’s compatible with every handset, regardless of whether it’s a smartphone.
  • Internet connection isn’t required to receive SMS messages.
  • A number of people reply to text messages in a matter of seconds, placing the message in the palm of their hands. Literally.

In A Nutshell

Mobile marketing isn’t a whole ball of wax. It is, however, a branch of web marketing that can ultimately take your business to another level. Combining a defined marketing strategy in your entire web marketing campaign is a sure way of taking the lead and control of the market share.

So, why not take the next step today? Taking your time to design and launch a mobile marketing campaign will be an investment in the longevity and overall success of your business.



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