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Going to a bank to apply for financing can be a very overwhelming experience for many business owners. One of the reasons for this includes the fact that many people find banks intimidating or antisocial places to do business with. Banks see their customers as a source of revenue just like any other business would but in many cases, the way they engage some of their customers can be viewed as being cold or indifferent which hurts the quality of their customer service. Specifically, in business financing, many banks would turn down an application for funding from a small business because the business may operate in a risky industry or lack an extensive work history even if the business applying may have good credit and a steady cash flow. In general, a customer is a dollar sign in the eyes of a bank but at Smart Business Funding, we look past the faults holding your business back and actively try to work with you to improve your business’s cash flow. We treat all of our clients as family and unlike other traditional lenders, make it easy for you to apply for funding by offering high approval rates, short application forms, 2-day guaranteed funding for businesses who qualify and a flexible repayment plan that won’t hurt your business’s profits. To talk to us, we can be reached at 917-533-2979. Don’t wait and call us soon!


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