Despite making changes to their home lives, workers are unlikely to be quite so environmentally -minded at work, particularly if their employers are not seen to take the issue seriously. For this reason change must happen top-down, unless you have an eco-warrior employee who is prepared to plan and implement carbon-saving changes. Here are a few simple things you can do to make your office greener, and I’m not talking USB kettles or reusing teabags.


Use public transport where possible, and consider implementing a car sharing initiative, it will help you become greener and maybe even bring the workforce closer together. Many firms are also introducing a ride-to-work scheme whereby the company helps out with the cost of a bicycle for the employee to cycle to work. It improves the environment and the mental and physical health of your employees.


Turning lights off when they’re not in use and replacing old bulbs with energy saving ones greatly increases your green credentials. Utilise natural light wherever possible. It may sound obvious but there is a tendency to put the lights on instead of opening the blinds.


Replace old energy inefficient hardware with new economic items. You’ll save the world and some money!

Don’t use the air conditioner when opening a window will do. Conditioned air is not nearly as good for you and your employees as a nice bit of (free) fresh air.

Nothing Disposable

Replace paper and plastic cups and cutlery with real ones. Not only are mugs and glasses much better for the environment, but they’re also much nicer to drink from!

Don’t use the dishwasher unless you have a full load, it is easier just to rinse.

Turn Your Computer Off

Turn your computer off when you leave the office, not just the monitor. And that goes for the air conditioner as well.

Really, what is the point turning the lights off and recycling your waste if you’re going to leave your computer on?


The emphasis should be on employers to make recycling at work easy and convenient for employees. Getting employees to separate their waste will force them to think about how much paper they waste.


Use electronic methods of communication rather than leaving notes or memos around the office. Consider using an online forum, messageboard or messenger applications for staff chit-chat instead of passing notes around, you naughty boys and girls! Shall I read it to the whole class?

Only print emails if it is absolutely essential, and add a ‘Think before you print’ disclaimer to your email signature. If you do need to print to paper, set up your printer to double-sided, every little counts!

John Mce writes on behalf of Arc Vision, a company which specialise in corporate responsibility consultancy and recruitment.