When Instagram Stories was launched back in 2016, it was never really intended to be used for marketing. Yet, over the few years of its existence, more and more businesses started to utilize its potential of getting their name and products out there in a modern and engaging way.

Using Stories will allow you to connect with your customers in real time. The playful and nonchalant nature of this feature can let fans know the team, have a sneak peek at new products, share tips, and lots more. Plus, results are showing that they can be very successful, with 20% of Stories posted by businesses resulting in a direct transaction with the user.

If you are new to the world of Instagram Stories, then it can sometimes be tricky to come up with ideas of how you could use them for your business.

That’s where the infographic created by 99firms comes in. It is packed with information on how some of the top 30 brands out there are using this form of social media to their advantage.

For example, the online clothing company ASOS used Stories to increase brand awareness, resulting in a 3-point increase in ad recall, and the toys brand Lego used Canvas ads in its Stories to increase sales, which resulted in a 58% lower cost per click.

These are just a few of the interesting examples that can be found in the infographic, so take a look if you are interested in learning more.

 Photo by energepic.com from Pexels