What’s the best way to select a new tool for your business?

There are so many things to think about when you’re trying to select a Digital Tool for your business. Where does one begin? Should price or ease of use be your deciding factors for purchasing a tool? What criteria should one use? How do businesses select a digital tool to help drive revenues and make business processes flow better?

Digital Tool Exchange has taken the time to carefully evaluate what most business professionals weigh when they are interested in selecting a tool. Many businesses are driven by cost when they first start out, but there are a number of other factors that come into play to make the decision final.

Here is a list of the five criteria we recommend based on what our peers are using to drive their purchasing decisions:

1. Overall Satisfaction – How satisfied are current business users with the digital tool they are using? Are other users highly satisfied, and are other peers satisfied?

2. Ease of Use – How easy is it to use the digital tool? Will it make your life easier when you get it started and help you reach your business objectives? Is the tool easy to open and fast to get up and running? Will you need external support and customer service to understand how to use the tool once it is running?

3. Cost Effectiveness – Is the tool cost-effective for your business? ROI is key! How cost effective has it been for other businesses and will your business need to upgrade to a new tool in six months when the business grows?

4. Likelihood of Recommending – Once you or another business professional has used the tool, how likely are they to recommend to another colleague or friend for their own business? We’ve found that peer recommendations prove to be extremely valuable when selecting a tool.

5. Customer Service – Will the tool you purchase have 24/7 customer support? What happens when you have a critical email campaign going out and you can’t reach someone? What type of customer service do you require to satisfy your business and will the tool meet your ongoing service needs?

The above five criteria factors are useful for all businesses when selecting a tool. If you’re interested in seeing how these five criteria stack up to some of the hottest digital tools on the market, feel free to visit our site at to get more information on tools that have been reviewed by other professionals.

Happy Tool Selecting!

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