Top 5 Best Practices for Managing Virtual Teams by Victoria Abbot
An increasing number of businesses are embracing the potential behind a virtual team. Virtual teams are a big draw, especially for small businesses as they both lessen the overhead costs associated with renting a traditional office and create a larger pool of potential clients. In addition, virtual flexible offices let small businesses to offer flexibility which may not be offered in big firms.
Furthermore, moving away from traditional office space also means changing traditional management advice and operational procedures. Handling virtual teams requires a new specific set of tools and practices. Here 5 strategies to successfully build a virtual team that can help you grow your business.
1. Set Work Systems
Different people have their own specific ways of dealing with tasks. Defining standards can lessen the time needed to achieve the desired result. By setting a repeatable work system, the virtual team has generally less questions and gets a feeling for how much time they have to complete a certain task. It is also important to make sure that these work systems are consistent to allow maximum efficiency.
2. Integrate Communication Tools
The benefits of integrating communication tools give your virtual team an efficient way to communicate to the right person immediately. Additionally, it also combines processes such as screen and video call recordings.
3. Schedule Regular Meetings
Through technology such as video conferencing and social media, it is now easier to schedule a regular meeting with your team which helps in creating routines. Effective routines give the team with something they are used to and familiar with, which puts the whole team at ease and reduces stress. Austria Business Center has a wide option of flexible office for rent with professional office desks where your employees can have a good quality of conference call with you wherever you are in the world.
4. Define a Clear and Detailed Deliverables
Simply telling your employees to do a task is not something that will work, especially if you are managing a remote team. It is much better to provide more detailed descriptions of the tasks of each employee.
5. Choose the Best Virtual Office Space
It is important that your virtual team feel comfortable when they are at work. It makes them work harder and be far more productive. Basic needs such as comfortable furniture, proper lighting, and a noise-free environment can contribute to their comfort in a big way.

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