If you ask successful business owners, you will find out that they have one thing in common on their journey towards success – validation of startup ideas. They have not started their business right away no matter how confident they were with their ideas.

They knew that for them to succeed, they have to test the waters first. They need to check if their business is viable enough. They have conducted surveys among random people to see if their products and services will be patronized.

There were others who have tried targeting the demographics that would possibly buy the products offered. Based on the responses of these people, decisions were made.

Some of them have decided to take the risk and move forward as the reception was quite well. There were those who stopped for a while to evaluate their ideas before moving forward. Some others decided to just scrap their ideas as they were not deemed well enough.

The reason why you do this now is because you still have some time to change. Imagine if the business is already up and running when you have found out that people don’t like the entire concept. It could spell disaster. You would rather make changes now while you still can.

Check the infographic below for more ways on validating startup ideas. Be confident with your ideas but be willing to make changes whenever possible. This is still for your benefit in the end. A lot of business owners succeeded because they have gone through this phase.