Social media have been influencing our society for nearly 20 years. To be more specific, nowadays social media impact on every part of our life such as education, medicine, politics, and business. The majority companies and entrepreneurs have realized that social media is a new opportunity in the business field. In detail, they have been using social media for various purposes which are branding, customer service, advertising, sales, hiring, marketing, and research and development. Millions of companies have set a Facebook page for communicating with consumers and brand fans. In America, users spend more than 22% of their online time on social media. Some of the companies accepted social media as a marketing tool for advertising their product or service on the Internet however they have not realized that these platforms were designed for users, and for this reason some of the companies failed in that situation because they posted a number of contents which were consumer-oriented. For this reason, many companies, employers, and scholars have been attending deeply to research on social media

Content types in social media

One of the emphasizing facts is that social media content types has been changing and creating various types year by year. At the beginning of the social media era users can exchange pictures, writings, voice recordings and videos. Now we can see infographics, podcasts, webinars and live videos at social media platform. In addition to this, some social made based on content sharing purposes such as Bookcrossing for text or books, Slideshare for PowerPoint presentation, Flickr for photos, and YouTube for videos.
Boost your brand awareness through social media
Majority of companies use social media to promote their products and services instead of their website to gain more customers and improve brand awareness. Specifically, they noticed that Social media is a platform to assists marketing and commerce department of companies as well as it is one of the possible solutions for a future venture to promote and improve brand awareness. Social media websites and their mobile applications are touch-points to reach their consumers and business partners. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are popular social media to improve brand awareness. Companies can achieve high brand awareness by virtue of active users as well as customers also can connect and interact with business owners.


Companies’ marketing department has been using social media a great tool for electron world-of-mouth, because the majority of consumers spread brand-related information to their friends, colleagues, and family. Consequently, a number of companies have been investing in social media for the purpose of attracting new clients and raising revenues as well as improve overall status of companies. Companies use different social media platform for different purpose. To be more specific, fashion companies use Instagram platform to promote new products on their profile, business trainers use paid ads at You Tube platform as well as Facebook is popular for targeted marketing such as customers age, location and people who match your business field.

Influencer marketing in social media

Influencer marketing is a form of collaboration. Companies collaborate with social media influencers who can influence on niche audience. More than two-thirds of American companies use some form of influencer marketing. Influencers can have millions of targeted followers, through right influencer companies can reach their target audience, build trust, and drive engagement. 89% of marketers argued that Instagram is one of the most important channels for Influencer marketing. Facebook and You Tube are also crucial platform in Influencer marketing field. Additionally, 70% of teenagers trust Influencers more than traditional celebrities.

First hand customer feedback

Some companies use social media to improve customer service and research and development by collecting feedback from comments of the customer about products or services. Companies can be aware of consumer behavior through social media. To be more specific, consumer behavior includes attitudes, purchase behavior, information acquisition, post-purchase communication, and evaluation. There are two undeniable roles of social media related to promotion. The first role of social media is that companies can use social media to talk with consumers through Facebook page, blogs, and Myspace groups. The second unique role of social media can be a valuable tool for companies. Precisely, consumers can communicate with each other and give feedback, opinions about product or service on social media post. The opinion and feedback are used by a company for new product design, feature, price and quality or develop the quality of the service of that company.

Social media marketing is a crucial part of the digital marketing. Companies use social media marketing for different purposes. This article covers how companies has been using SMM to improve brand awesome, getting first hand customer feedback and Influencer marketing to reach niche market.

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