In business, when a customer says ” the check is in the mail” it usually means that they are going to be late on a payment. Being behind on a payment can happen to everybody but when the business you’re making payments to is a creditor, customers can be expected to pay a monthly late fee. Business owners in particular, who fall behind on these payments can end being buried under a mountain of debt and watch their credit rating drop negatively impacting their chances of getting financing from other lenders. Fortunately for businesses in this position, there are lenders like us at Smart Business Funding who can provide up to half a million dollars of funding to small businesses in need even if they have poor credit. The best part, however, is that we have an automatic payment system that would allow you to keep up with the monthly payments without you having to lift one finger. We receive a portion of your business’s monthly revenue by credit at a rate that adjusts to how much revenue your business generates so that you won’t fall behind. You can call or text us at 917-533-2979 and discuss payment plans that can work in your business’s best interests if you’re interested in getting funded by us. Call now for a free consultation.