Tender writing 101: 4 key points which will help you write a terrific bid by Tim Entwisle

It takes an exceptional understanding of the business and lots of effort to write a bid which will win the contract easily. People hire experts to get this task done because they know that the professionals hold years of experience which will assist them in putting in the right words.

However, if you are planning to get the job done all by yourself, be aware that it’s not going to be a smooth ride. Case in point, here is a list of 4 crucial tips which will help you write a fantastic tender. Read on.

● It’s all about persuasion

First things first. A bid is not a mere piece of information about what you can offer; in fact, it is a detailed persuasion that you excel at this work. To lace your tender with highly persuasive writing, it’s crucial that you understand your client, his needs and his expectations from the firm that he will choose for the job. Make sure that you keep these pointers in mind when you start writing the bid.

● Nobody knows it better than you

When you attend a tender writing course, you will understand the relevance of expertise which brings us to our second key point. To persuade your client to give you the contract, you have to make him believe that you have significant knowledge of it. Write your bid in a manner that your experience is reflected in the same, effortlessly.

● Personalisation goes a long way

Personalising you tender for a specific client will make him feel important. With customisation and tweaking your tender to incorporate some critical points related to the client, you can show your enthusiasm and diligence towards winning the contract. Work your way to understand their mindsets and requirements and make sure that you beautifully portray that in your tender as well.

● Providing value is essential

If you can’t give value to your client, then the bid is of no use for them, and you. As mentioned in the first and second point, stating your company’s capabilities will alone do no good. Make sure that you show the client what gives you an edge over the others and what are the advantages that he will be getting after choosing your tender.

Tender writing can be a daunting task for many people which is why hiring experts for the same should be your first preference. If not, then make sure that you keep these points in mind to write a terrific tender in NSW. Good luck!

Tim Entwisle is the Managing Director of Madrigal Communications , Tim has been running the organization successfully for over 12 years and has a diverse knowledge in public contracting and specialises in tender in NSW.

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