South Dakota Business Funding

South Dakota Business Funding

South Dakota business owners, welcome to Smart Business Funding.

With its vast fertile farmlands, scenic landscape and being ranked 18TH in terms of business growth by state, South Dakota is shaping to be one of the best places to start a business in the country. Why is that? Aside from its thriving industries, South Dakota is ranked 1# in having the lowest business cost in the country. This coupled with the fact that South Dakota is home to a few famous attractions and has a strong agricultural base means that businesses operating in the farming or tourism industry will benefit a lot from South Dakota’s flourishing business climate.

Given that South Dakota possess some of the most fertile lands in the mid-west, agriculture is a top industry in South Dakota with its livestock and crop production industry generating $20 billion for the state annually. In fact, South Dakota is one of the top ten producers of crops such as rye, honey, soybeans, wheat, and cattle. Tourism is another big contributor to South Dakota’s economy raking in $2 billion annually and employing about 42,000 people. Being home to Mount Rushmore, the Black Hills Caves and Badlands National Park also has its perks for businesses working in the tourist sector.

Retail, finance, and healthcare are among some of the few service industries offered by South Dakota with a bio science infrastructure that includes various research facilities and world-class healthcare systems. Its financial industry has the third highest concentration of financial service activity in the country and is home to major financial service companies such as Citibank NA and Meta Payment Systems all of which supported by a skilled and ready workforce. With all of this in mind, owners have much to gain by starting their business in South Dakota which is why we at Smart Business Funding would like to be a part of that.

Fast Business Funding in South Dakota

When you’re looking for funding, there’s no better option than Smart Business Funding for your small business funding. South Dakota businesses can rely on us to provide business funding programs that are fast, efficient and stress free. Smart Business provides affordable business funding without the hassle that many other financial institutions (like banks) will put you through. When seeking small business funding, small businesses can typically receive their funds in as little as 24-48 hours or less.

Easy Application Process – Get Approved Today!

At Smart Business Funding, you’ll find that our funding services are both quick with easy with high approval rates to go along with it. There are not many limitations or restrictions to apply for small business funding. Business owners must simply need to have been in business for 3 months and have an income of at least $5,000.00 per month. When applying, you’ll be asked for your average monthly sales and various other information about your business to see what works for you. The application does not take long to complete and we don’t do paperwork.

If you’re looking for money for your business give us a call at Phone: 1-866-Re-Smart (1-866-73-76278) or fill out our online application here to see if your business qualifies. Most businesses are approved and receive their funding very quickly. We want to see your business succeed and help by removing the barrier of funding so call us today!

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