When it comes to small business, many owners are more often put in uncompromising situations that make it hard for their business to get by. It is believed that only 1/3 of small businesses will last at least ten years and despite outnumbering corporations, 1162 to 1 small businesses still have to fiercely compete with companies that offer larger salaries, more benefits, and opportunities for potential employees. Fortunately, enough technological innovations have allowed some small businesses to take advantage of promoting their business through digital ad campaigns. This also means that small businesses must now use more creative approaches when engaging their target customers as simply putting up a website and hoping people will click on it doesn’t cut it anymore. This means investing heavily in social media marketing and even mobile friendly website content that can connect with customers on the go. Here are some ways you can go about this. 

Today’s shoppers are more tech friendly than ever and depend on their phone and other portable devices to do almost everything.  Given the popularity of mobile apps, it is more clear than ever that if you want to reach your customers investing in mobile content is the best way to start. According to a report by Criteo, about 35% of eCommerce transactions are done mobily. Those who don’t take advantage of this might lose out to competitors who do. It is important for businesses today to improve their customer’s experience by having a mobile presence through multiple smartphone and tablet devices as the more they do so the more traffic they will receive online.

Social media has changed the way people interact with each other online and businesses have a lot to gain by increasing their presence on this platform as well. According to a shopping report by business insider, almost 20 percent of the time an average person spends online is spent on social media and big corporations are wasting no time creating brand awareness through this platform by building brand web pages and advertising on websites such as Facebook. Off course it is advised that businesses use retargeting strategies that will allow them to post their ads on social media.

It’s important that small businesses carefully implement their targeting strategy to the right demographic by collecting important information about their consumers to get an understanding of what they like. Marketing automation tools would be helpful in developing the optimal ad campaign and if you’re stuck on figuring out which marketing automation software would be best for your business a list of the most popular ones can be found here. Data collected from sources such as purchase browser history are some examples of places where you would find the most critically essential information about your consumers.

When advertising online it’s important that the ads themselves don’t disrupt the consumer experience as that would discourage potential customers from doing their shopping at your business. Ads that pop up repeatedly with irrelevant content or get in the way of the consumer from enjoying their web experience are a few examples of such ads that are distracting to web users. Small business can save a lot of trouble by personalizing ads by reviewing analytical data that will allow them to create relevant advertisements that will reach the right consumer. By creating a portable platform for your customers to reach your business online as they go about in their day-to-day activities your business will benefit as it builds its brand awareness and improves the quality of the shopper’s experience.