Smart Business Funding provides small business funding. Chicago business owners are always looking for a little extra funding, but not every bank is willing to provide any kind of business funding. Chicago, Illinois is one of many regions that we at Smart Business Funding proudly serve. We provide an alternative to traditional bank loans by providing Illinois small business funding where businesses are having trouble being approved by their bank.

Small Business Funding Illinois

With small business funding, Chicago businesses can drastically accelerate their company growth, hire new employees, embark on larger marketing campaigns, provide new and competitive deals, purchase renovations, fill up stock for an upcoming sales, and so much more.

Getting your small business funding in Illinois is easy with Smart Business Funding.

Apply for Business Funding 

At Smart Business Funding, we make it easy to apply for small business funding. Chicago businesses can apply here by filling out a short and quick application form.

Qualify for Business Funding

After submitting your application form, we’ll review your information and give you a call if we require any further information about your business. It is our goal to approve your loan as quickly as possible so that you can push your forward even quicker.

Qualifying for funding is relatively easy with our business funding. Chicago business owners need to be in business for only 3 months and generate at least $10,000 in monthly sales. Business funding approvals will typically take about a day, but may take longer depending on your situation.

Receiving Funding

After applying and being qualified for funding, within 24 hours you will have received your business funding. Illinois businesses can use their funding for however they see fit, as we know business owners know their business better than anyone else.

You may receive your funds in one of two ways: merchant cash advance or commercial cash advance.

Merchant cash advances are paid daily from credit card volumes while commercial cash advances are paid from daily debiting of your business account. In each case, up to 125% of monthly credit card volume or monthly revenue is used to determine the amount of money you may be eligible for.

Get started with your small business funding today with Smart Business Funding!