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They say that there are no shortcuts to success and while its true that hard work is the key to success for many people it’s not always the case. In the world of business, failure is especially common as most small businesses will have a 2/3% chance of making it to their second year of business. One of the biggest issues threatening the survival rate of businesses is issues in regards to cash flow management in that many lack the financing needed to keep their business in operation. Businesses typically go to institutions such as banks or other lenders as a solution to their cash flow needs but as of now, many lenders are tightening their terms of service making it harder for businesses to get the help they need. It should go without saying that running a small business is hard work and without the supported need to keep their business functional, business owners face the risk of having all of the hard work they’ve put in over the years go to waste. With that being said, what options exist out there for small business owners? For many, there’s alternative financing options such as merchant cash advances which comes with all the benefits of traditional financing without drawbacks like fixed monthly rates. Cash advances provide businesses with shortcuts to quick and easy access to funding as good credit isn’t a requirement to apply and the application process can take minutes to complete compared to months with other lenders. Approval rates are generally higher and repayment much more flexible to business owners as they adjust to what a business can afford in a given month. Interested applicants can call us at Smart Business Funding to get the financing they need with terms that work well for their business. To reach us, simply call us at 917-533-2979 or visit our website here to see what we can offer your business. Take the shortcut to your business’s success by applying with us today!

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