Social media is arguably one of the most influential online marketing platforms in today’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). About 4 billion persons are on at least one social media website. Well-established countries have a lot of success in using this method. Snapchat is a trending social media site which is gaining new following fast. Some analytics argue that there are over 9000 new snaps every second. The good thing with Snapchat is that you can target a different type of audience and still influence their choices. To achieve the best out of Snapchat, you can use some analytics present in tools such as Salesforce. Using this tool, you can be able to create goals of your campaign as well as various plans for your social media campaign.

The Senior Customer Success Manager of Semalt, Julia Vashneva, has tailored handy tips on how to create a successful Snapchat marketing campaign.

When working on Snapchat, you can use the success of other people. For instance, you can use stories from other brands within your niche to create your content. A good method here involves taking your competitor’s stories and creating your own stories.

Keywords and content:

Luring customers is very comfortable with Snapchat. For instance, one can use compelling photos and make persons click the link to your store. This aspect is good for your SEO because it enhances the ranking of the website. For instance, many shares make the Google algorithm confirm the content relevance of your snaps. Remember, pictures and videos are content, and they can be indexed by search engine bots and crawlers.


It is important to make your Snapchat profile easy to view and convert. In your content, you should be advocating for your brand like it is behind a team of experts and employees. The content should feel personal to the end user.

How to make a good Snapchat Geo filter

To filter the targeting of your Snapchat marketing campaign, you need to narrow down to a small market segment. This tactic may involve using Snapchat templates to create from scratch. Your graphics should be 100% original. In the design view, the ad campaign should not cover up a significant portion of the screen. The file size should have a resolution of 1080 x 1920, it should not be more than 300kb, and should have a png file format.

Do not include logos and trademarks. However, institutions like schools can use their logos. Photographs should not appear in your marketing campaign. The content should be visually compelling, and the caption should not contain hashtags. Putting too many clickable links together makes a smartphone touch input troublesome, making readers have difficulties in clicking your links.


For every online business, having a steady brands presence can be an excellent idea. Digital marketing techniques such as SEO and Social Media Marketing (SMM) have a very high degree of efficiency in carrying out such market activities. In this case, Snapchat is our website of choice. Snapchat is a social network where the followers participate by uploading snaps. When carrying out online marketing, Snapchat can be a very active social media marketing tool. It can help you reach unlimited market potentials as well as making crucial conversions. Using this guide, Snapchat can help you achieve your e-commerce goals.

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