A look at the American dream as it was understood about twenty years ago is drastically different from the reality today. Basically, back then, an individual could expect to work for a company for most of his or her life, receive decent wages, paid holidays, medical cover and so on. Workers back then had much better pay and could afford a high standard of living that included buying a family home, saving for retirement, investing on the stock market and even owning a family car or two. Today, all these are but a pipe dream. Many workers have to toil for long hours just to make basic salary. Are businesses becoming selfish today compared to twenty years ago?

According to Nigerian author, social entrepreneur and public speaker Eyo Offiong Eyo, businesses are more profit driven now than ever before. While it is important for businesses to make profits, it should not be at the expense of customers or employees. Mr. Eyo, a leading Nigerian author has put forward a concept he refers to as Socialize for Equity. This concept has been formulated after thorough research and years of studying the changing business world. It is possible to find out more about this concept and the ideals that constitute it on the website

This information is also elaborately explained in great detail for interested scholars, readers and members of the general public. Apparently, the book, Socialize for Equity has been written and is readily available in soft copy. This book largely speaks about inequality and reasons why businesses have changed their culture. Many businesses focus more attention on maximizing profitability and paying investors handsomely.

All this is at the expense of workers and consumers who produce and buy the products coming from these businesses and help generate profits. If this concept is altered to give more power to consumers, then they would be much better off economically and financially.

In order to maximize on profitability and increase the bottom line, policy makers at various levels in the corporate world focus on cutting expenses, reducing expenditure and lowering costs. Unfortunately workers and employees are in often cases negatively affected. Today, a worker has to work twice as hard and put in at least forty hours a week just to make minimum wage. This contrasts the policy a few decades ago where workers made a decent living working for the same organizations. Socialize for Equity tends to focus on these changes. The concept popularizes the use of social media to advocate for change, unite customers and give them more power and say in corporate affairs.

While Mr. Eyo Eyo’s ideas may seem lofty, they are supported by research data, facts on the ground and information obtained from opinion makers, academicians and scholars in American and elsewhere. The book Socialize for Equity is currently available in soft copy at Amazon. Buying this book online will help open minds of consumers and readers and help change the conversation. Check out this link here for your access to this informative, intriguing and captivating literary book in softcopy. This link offers the soft copy on Amazon kindle and Amazon eBook;

Concept developed by Mr. Eyo Eyo, a prominent Nigerian thinker, author and public speaker

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