We at Smart Business Funding would like to congratulate¬†Gabriel “Tito” Bracero on his latest fight with Thomas Lamanna this past February weekend. Although the fight ended in a draw, Bracero’s displayed incredible resilience and technique landing a series of combinations to the head and body of Lamanna. At Smart Business Funding, we help many small businesses rise to the occasion just like Bracero when they need money fast without the need of good credit or an extensive business experience to apply because we know that not all businesses have an equal opportunity of getting financing from banks and other lenders. We fund the fighting spirit in your business through our alternative funding services which won’t require that you fill out paperwork or wait months to receive the money because you can get it in as quickly as 2 days. Make the smart choice by calling or texting us at 917-533-2979 so that we can help your business go the distance now!