For many small businesses, there comes a time when an owner has to decide when they’re ready to expand. There are many ways of telling when a business is ready to expand among them is having the right amount of capital.  This is essential in the ramp-up phase where funding is required for unseen costs, construction expenses, new inventory, etc. Financing some of these activities can be expensive even for businesses with a good amount of capital, which is why many typically turn to banks and other lenders for financial assistance. Unfortunately for most, banks turn down a vast majority of small business applicants and with tightening regulations, they are are starting to become a less viable option for businesses in need. Here at Smart Business Funding, we understand the needs of a growing business which is why we make it easy for business owners to get the money they need. There are no long paper applications to fill out and businesses with poor credit are still encouraged to apply. We won’t keep you waiting for funding either as we typically deliver funding to businesses directly within a 48-hour time span. We’re very flexible when it comes to repayment and with our funding options, we can service the needs of your business no matter what industry you work in (except law firms and payday lenders). Choose the best option that’s ripe for the picking by calling us at 917-533-2979 now.