If you need more working capital to keep your restaurant afloat, expand what you’re already doing well, purchase new equipment, or something else that requires funds, Smart Business Funding can help. We are the premiere source for restaurant loans, and we are determined to help you out, no matter your current financial situation. Take a look at our “Restaurant Funding 101,” for everything you need to know.

We Know the Restaurant Business

Our founders are successful business owners just like you. Their financial smarts and business expertise have grown Smart Business Funding into what it is today, and they know your industry. Smart Business Funding works with business owners across many industries, including the restaurant business, so we know how difficult it can be for a restaurant to succeed without working capital that is available at a moment’s notice. We know that, especially in the first few years, owning a restaurant can be a financial struggle, possibly more than any other business type. Imagine the freedom of extra capital when you need it most, for things like kitchen upgrades, payroll, and inventory.

We’re Not a Bank

This shouldn’t surprise you, but it should make you excited. Banks are notorious for turning down perfect loan applicants, and they’re even worse about turning down people who desperately need funding but who don’t have a perfect financial situation. At Smart Business Funding, you get the benefits that come with big bank loans with the perks of borrowing from a non-bank lender: Enough capital to make a difference, fast approval time, quick funding, easy and automated repayment, and minimal re-tape to get you started.

We Offer Merchant Cash Advances and Commercial Cash Advances

If you’re new to the world of business loans, these terms may be foreign to you. They work similarly, in that your funding is approved by your agreeing to sell us a portion of your sales (whether cash or credit card) for a period of time until your funding is paid back. The benefit of these advances is multi-faceted. First, you don’t have to worry about making a set payment each month. Second, your payment is based on how much you’ve sold, so we won’t require equal amounts during your slower months, allowing you to get ahead even more. Third, advances are easier to qualify for than traditional loans, meaning your lack of capital or troubled financial state likely won’t affect your approval.

Smart Business Funding is committed to helping your restaurant business succeed. Our restaurant funding, in the form of merchant cash advances and commercial cash advances, are ideal for your business type, and our approval percentage is incredibly high. Give us a call today, send us an email, or go ahead and apply for one of our restaurant funding. We’re looking forward to helping you increase your working capital and making your business succeed!