It doesn’t really matter what the ultimate message is, promotional ideas are meant to sell something. Whether it’s a product, service, way of life, cause or particular company, making sure the call to action is clearly conveyed and the materials selected to do this job are appropriate are the combined keys to success.

Promotional products run the gamut when it comes to costs and styling. This can make it a little overwhelming to pick something that fits a particular campaign well. When it’s time to select promotional giveaways, it is imperative to put some thought into the choices made. When these things are considered, promotional ideas will work:

* The budget – Whilst this might not be a favourite topic to discuss, it’s imperative to set this in advance of a campaign. Promotional merchandise can run a wide range when it comes to associated costs. Make no mistake, however; products in every range can get the job done. Just know the parameters before trying to order promotional items. The budget can automatically narrow the field of choices and make final selection much easier.

* The specific call to action – Having the call to action clearly defined in advance of selected promotion products is extremely wise. When this understood and the logos or slogans are already set, the perfect promotional products are likely to present themselves. Promotional bags, for example, are perfect for sending an environmental message. Reading lights offer a clever way to boost recognition for a literacy campaign. Promotional apparel items with the right slogans emblazoned on them can serve almost any purpose well.

* The audience in question – Knowing the demographics a promotion is supposed to reach can be imperative for the success of a campaign. Creating hundreds of special label candy bars to give away at a diabetes awareness seminar, for example, will not have sweet results. The audience might view this as inappropriate and even a little cruel. They would even be within their rights to think these things. That same idea using sugar-free candies, however, could prove to be a real winner. Making sure the promotion fits the target audience is imperative for success.

* The method of delivery – Understand and define how promotional ideas will be put into action and into people’s hands. Promotional items for a direct-mail campaign might need to be small or at least lightweight to keep postage costs reasonable. Prizes for a customer rewards program, however, should likely be a little more elaborate to send the right message of appreciation. Giveaways for a community festival or tradeshow can offer more flexibility, but keep the anticipated volume of traffic in mind. It’s terrible to run out of promotional giveaways before a live event is over.

Creating an advertising campaign that works and sends the call to action clearly isn’t easy, but it can be done. When thought goes into the process, the perfect promotional ideas will present themselves. To gain the most from an effort, keep not only costs, but also the message behind a campaign and the anticipated audience in mind.

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