Having a positive state mind can not only benefit your mental health but could also improve your performance at work. A positive mind is a more productive mind as you’re not getting distracted by negative thoughts that could interfere with your work. It is shown that a more positive mindset have helped people become more creative and even improve their decision making skills. Dr. Barbara Fredrickson, a renowned psychology professor and author of the book Positivity has argued that emotions are connected to our outlooks through a cause-and -effect relationship that can broadens our minds at the same time https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/wired-success/200907/can-positivity-boost-performance.  Since being positive can go a long way here are some tips you can use to being positive in the workplace.

Establish a positive relationship with your co-workers



How you treat others and how they treat you can contribute to how positive your outlook is. If you want to be more positive you can start by building a positive relationship with your fellow co-workers. Being friends doesn’t have to be the goal but considering how much time you spend working in the week being a little friendly to your fellow workers can improve your work setting. Being friendly with your coworkers make it easier for you to work together on any group projects or to get help from them. If you want to start being positive start with the people that you’re surrounded by daily.

Be creative with your work space

A positive working environment can help you think more pleasantly. Your working environment can be a reflection of your mood throughout the day so if you want a more positive outlook to help improve your mood and therefore your work performance start by decorating your desk. Pictures of important people in your life, decorations, funny quotes etc can make your office feel more cozy which would make you feel more happy and motivated to start the day.

Saying positive things

Using more positive words in your daily conversation with others can leave you with a more positive attitude and the people you interact with would feel the same way. A physical sign of being positive like a smile and expressing appreciation towards others signals a positive relationship as the way you treat others most of the time is the way they treat you. The more you start seeing the world with a more forward thinking outlook the more it will change for the better.





Invest in yourself

Learning something new will make you feel accomplished in life. Attending classes or workshops don’t have to be a necessity if you’re money is tight for you fortunately enough though there other resources you can turn to like the web to watch videos or taking online classes on things you want to learn. It’s your choice if you want to share it with others or not but if you do you would be taking a step in a more positive future.

Reward yourself

You can give rewards to yourself for a job well done or for accomplishing the impossible. Something small like going out to your favorite restaurant after work, purchasing new clothes or catch a new flick are ways you can reward yourself for your efforts. When you offer reward yourself you increase your confidence in your abilities, improve your work performance and make others feel good all around all of which can help you do the one thing that is making it all possible for you to feel great about yourself and that is by staying positive.