Everybody who worked in any business for no less than a year, knows that a similar business proposition may be acknowledged by a similar individual in the morning and declined toward the evening, or the other way around. The nature of basic leadership is influenced with health, body clock, time of a day, enthusiasm for a particular venture, once in a while with a state of mind. But even the most abnormal amount of polished methodology learning a man not to fall into feelings, still doesn’t make him a robot. He is a man in whose nature there is a biological clock. In the case that you need to build the quantity of positive choices made for your idea or presentation, you should consider what time of a week and a day is better to offer ideas or give presentations.

Morning? No!

The most noticeably bad choice to call a conference or to give a presentation is to do it on Monday in the morning. By the way, any other morning it is better to stay away from presentations as well – we are discussing early mornings in the absolute starting point of a working day. Why is it so inadequate? On Mondays most of us feel ourselves awkwardly – this is called ‘Monday Blues’ with poor work movement and even indications of depression. We need some opportunity to adjust to the way that Monday exists and we ought to work once more. But if you have no choice, better pick a period between 10 and 11 a.m. if your day begins in 9 a.m. (or, then again in 1-2 hours after the start of your day).

Evening? No!

Particularly Friday nights – stay away from Friday p.m. conferences. After Friday lunch nobody will settle on any essential choices. This is another mental actuality: in the second half of each Friday we start to unwind and get ready to end of the week, we consider individual interests. It is ideal to plan some standard, straightforward and little work to this time – it ought to be done some time, why not now? Yet, no presentations, conferences and meetings – your workers and potential clients or business accomplices will simply attempt to get rid of you.
What is the best time?

We tried to gather different opinions of businessmen and the Internet and found those numbers. The best time to give a presentation is:

the first half of the day (midmorning best for both early risers and night owls)
1-2 hours after the day starts
1 hour before lunch or 1-2 hours after it
Tuesday (better) or Thursday (not bad, as well)

What to do if the planning does not work? For instance, you can book just a “unsuccessful” time? Try not to stress, this is not a verdict. Use the information you’ve gotten in our blog, use PodioBox presentation platform in front of your audience that will connect with your crowd and turn them from passive listeners to dynamic and active participantsBusiness Management Articles, and you will accomplish your objectives regardless of the chosen time.

Good luck!

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