The entire reason for posting a website is to expand you business on a global scale. The only way to plan globally is to think globally and use global tools to get the job done. Your potential customer base will be worldwide and there is no reason why you should not plan a B2B Flash website and make your supply and distribution networks global also. It does not matter what your business is. Whether you are planning an e-commerce site or a service-oriented site, setting up initially to plan a B2B website will save you a great deal of time later on when you are ready to move up. It also allows you the time to build up great networks for both wholesale purchases and distribution networks.

What are B2B websites?

The term “B2B” simply means “business-to-business”. Companies use these sites to find manufacturers, distributors, affiliates, exporters, etc. The first unique feature of these sites is that they provide a list of companies who either supply the product or the service you need to conduct business. If you are selling jewelry, for instance, you will need gem and metals suppliers, wholesale jewelry suppliers, and exporting companies. A B2B site will provide a list of all of the relevant companies who supply these products or services. This makes your search for suppliers very easy. At the same time, you can reverse the process and use the functions of the site to find buyers for your products. This allows you to do all of you searching for potential trade partners all from your website.

The Perfect Meeting Place

When you plan a B2B Flash website, you are essentially building a meeting place for manufacturers, importers, exporters, and even customers to meet. This is the nearly perfect intermediary because, if buyers and sellers do not post their leads, they will not get listed and will not show up in any search results. The great thing about it is that you can tailor your uses to meet specific niches or even to find things like good Web hosting plans, free websites, free website hosting, free forums, and many more opportunities new opportunities. Most customers, over 90 percent according to some statistics, will go to the Internet first when they are doing their planning.

How much does it Cost to Plan a B2B Website?

There are two ways to go when you are choosing the best B2B website plan. The first is the free membership plans. These are great starter packages and work well for new and small websites. They do have a somewhat more limited access to the different requirements of buyers and sellers and some of the other features are not available. This will limit your flexibility somewhat but still allow you to get your foot in the door and get started with either minimal or no investment. The second alternative is the various premium plans available. These premium plans give you full, unlimited access to buyers with premium rankings and will literally open up a new world of possibilities.

Filling in the Gaps

The design of your B2B website is vital to its success. Buyers and sellers are looking for the easiest access to the most detailed information and, if your site does not have it, they will go somewhere else. The secret is to invest in good Web site hosting with a premium hosting plan, build the site optimally to start building brand recognition, and get yourself on a one-to-one basis with your customers. This is the perfect way to get potential customers engaged in conversation. Keep your site as uncluttered with irrelevancies as possible and your content as straightforward as possible with specific information.

The content you offer on your product or service is just as, if not more, important than any fancy Flash banners. The easier it is for you customers to interact with you, ask questions, and get substantive answers, the more permanent customers you will have. You also want your customers to have access to as much detailed information about not only your products or services but a range across the industry so they can compare. Most customers will be very grateful for this.

Closing the Deal

Unlike most websites, which focus on presenting products and services as attractively as possible, a B2B website puts its focus on making the website a place that customers can go for information and help within a certain industry. If you save your customers time in their search by having all of their research needs in one location, you customers will return time and again. Once the websites are set up, you will have to become actively involved in social networking sites to get the word out about you website and get online conversations started that will direct traffic to your website. If you plan a B2B Flash website correctly the first time, you will see a dramatic increase in your traffic.

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