Have you’ve ever heard of the phrase a “pie in the sky”? If not, it is an expression used to refer to an idea, plan or promise that’s pleasant to imagine but too good to be true. The origins of the saying dates back to the early 20th century where it was first used by singer Joe Hill, a labor organizer, who used it in his song “The Preacher and the Slave,”. The song was a parody of a Christian hymn entitled “In the Sweet By-and-By” and was made mocking the broken promises made by preachers working for the Salvation Army to the migrant workers from the lumber and construction industries who promised them that they would receive their rewards in heaven. Fast forward a couple of decades into the present, we can see the realities of a false sense of hope every day in misleading advertisements and broken promises made by politicians over the course of their terms in office.

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