As a business owner you’re dealing with a lot of stress managing employees and other responsibilities in your business. Everybody is coming to you for questions, ideas, suggestions and other things which can be overwhelming for your mental health and that could lead to stress which can affect your physical health as well. When it comes to running a business there can be several contributing factors as to why you’re stressed. Finances being the first big concern for businesses especially if you have debt because you’re going to have to worry about figuring out how you’re going to pay what you owe back on top of other costs to your business like payroll, taxes, bills and other internal expenses. You may be working long hours too or probably taking your work home with you which means that you have no time to yourself. There are other things that can worry you too but the point is there are a lot of stressors that are putting your mental health at risk and the longer they persist the worst your health can get.

      Some of the symptoms to being over stressed may not show for awhile but at some point the continuous stress will take a toll that your physical well being won’t be able to take anymore. Some of the symptoms that can come from this are depression, anxiety, fatigue, irritability, hypertension and burnouts which is where you shutdown completely. Everybody could use someone to talk to and the more often you seek help the better you’ll manage your stress. Some of the ways you can manage your stress is through creating a balance between work and life. You can’t devote all your time to your business and it’s best that you take the time to spend it with the people closest to you like family and friends or engage in relaxing hobbies/ activities like meditation. You could also have a close network of people outside of work you can talk to to help you by providing social or emotional support.

      The first thing you should do when dealing with stress management is to figure out the causes of your stress. Some people can attribute it to the wrong things so digging deep into the root causes of it can be a number of things but if it is related to your work then a change in the office environment could alleviate some for the risk factors for mental health issues. Taking time off as a manager will allow you enough time to recharge your self if you need to take a break because a clear mind makes better decisions and a vacation is something a lot of business owners don’t take very often given their responsibilities but you shouldn’t let that hold you back from taking time off. People fear a lot of things that can give you stress and failure is one of them. As a business owner failure is something you’re going to have to come to terms with sometimes so accepting failure helps you learn about what went wrong so you can build on your knowledge. It is something that people generally avoid but no business can realistically be expected to have a perfect track record in everything and when you’re first starting your business it can be something that you would encounter a lot.

      Of course you’re not the only person who deals with stress in your organization since some issues can affect the mental well being of your employees too. There could be problems in their private lives or at work that makes it hard for people to function at work. As a business owner or manager you can be someone your employees can turn to when problems get in the way after all they are your responsibility and with your job comes the responsibility of ¬†being a leader, someone who is there for the people who depend on them so you. You can be of service to them by reading up on mental health issues so you can either learn how to deal with it yourself or spot an employee if they’re dealing with anxiety or depression. You can learn about the labor laws that deal with mental health, educate your staff about any information regarding it and try to create a environment where stress factors don’t get in the way of your employee or your work space. Ensuring that everyone and everything is operating in low stress conditions can keep you in control and not under the control of stress so anytime you feel like your workload is too much talk to someone, take a break and work on improving your mental health so you don’t crack under pressure.