Have you ever wondered about the difference between online and in-store business for big brand stores? Ever wondered how Costco’s online sales measure up to its in-store sales? (You will be forgiven for not knowing that Costco had an online store – we didn’t at first either.)

Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore. The RedBrain’s infographic you’ll find below consists of pertinent facts for the top 11 businesses and how their online business compares to their in-store business.

Have a look below and you will see that there are plenty of interesting facts. Get the basics without having to read through a bunch of boring fluff. There are some fun facts to be learned as well.


Could we have gone to sleep tonight not knowing that Target’s nickname is Tarjay, and that this nickname has been in place since the sixties? Sure, but it does make for some interesting trivia to amaze your friends with at parties.

The fun facts can also provide some useful talking points. Did you know that if we classified Walmart as a country, it would take the 28th position in terms of the largest economies. There are 195 countries as the world map stands, so that is quite a sizable achievement.

The company would make a pretty good country on its own. It has over 11,700 stores worldwide to act as “cities,” and around 2,300,000 employees we could count as citizens.

Now, granted, that would make it a pretty small country. There are metro areas with a lot more people in them, but that just makes its turnover that much more impressive.

Aside from the fun facts, there is quite a bit of information that you as a business can learn here. Like the top referring sites for each store, the top three social media sites for each, and the countries where they have made the most impact.

And, surprise, surprise, while these are American companies, they have a much wider reach globally than you might have imagined. But, anyway, why are we still discussing this? Why not check out the infographic below and see for yourself.