For those that don’t know, the slang term fugazi refers to anything that is considered fake or irreparably damaged. In the world of business, there are instances where business owners must be aware of the many scams used by cyber criminals to get information from or attack their business. Among them include phishing scams where the scammers pose as a legitimate business grant provider.  They are not always easy to spot out but hackers who use this method use emails, phone calls and mobile advertisements to try and get important information from their intended victims. There are several ways a business owner can protect their business from scams such as updating their firewall and anti-virus software, never opening emails with an unknown sender and staying regularly informed on the latest phishing techniques being used. It also helps if you could go to more trusted establishments for all your businesses needs such as us at Smart Business Funding. We guarantee funding to all businesses who apply with us just as long as they’ve been in operation for more than 3 months and make $10,000 in revenue per month. The best part is we accept poor credit and send you the money in less than two days with no additional fees or collateral required when you apply. Come give us a call if you’re seeking a trustworthy lender to help you with your business’s cash flow needs at 917-533-2979.