North Dakota Business Funding

North Dakota Business Funding

North Dakota business owners, welcome to Smart Business Funding.

North Dakota is a state with much to brag about being rich in natural resources and having one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. North Dakota’s economy has managed to remain strong after the 2008 financial disaster due to the discovery of oil which has been estimated by some experts to be the biggest oil boom in the country in the past 4 decades but oil is not the only thriving industry in the state. Thanks to its fertile soil along the North Dakota’s Red River, the state’s agricultural sector plays a dominant role in supporting North Dakota’s economy being a leading producer of exports such as wheat, producing 75% of the country’s durum of wheat as well oats, barley, rye, sunflower seeds, etc. Livestock also has a key presence in its farming industry as well.

In addition to this, North Dakota also supports other successful industries such as renewable energy, food production, coal gasification which has helped the state become the country’s sole producer of synthetic gas, manufacturing, and surprisingly tourism which help the state rake in about $3 billion in revenue annually. Businesses in any of these industries could benefit a lot from the unique position that North Dakota’s economy is in but for those that are looking for a quick alternative to their business’s cash-flow issues or need capital to expand their business’s operations, there’s Smart Business Funding.

Small Business Funding in North Dakota

No matter how small or large your company is, we can most likely help your business out even if you have poor credit. We specialize in offering business funding products which would allow you to receive funding in less than 2 days if qualified, offers flexible monthly payments, has high approval ratings and can work for all businesses. All you have to do is provide evidence that your company has been in business for more than 3 months and has monthly sales of at least $5,000.00. We’ve worked with many businesses across the country and have helped many of them get access to the funding they need when banks turned them down. Applying for funding doesn’t have to be a stressful and terrifying experience and with us, it won’t be.

Getting Started

The application process is really simple and since we understand how important time is for your business, all you have to do is fill out our quick online application form to get started and we’ll contact you shortly after to go over any details that are essential for us to help you. If you’d like, you can call us at Phone: 1-866-Re-Smart (1-866-73-76278) or visit our website at

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