There are many ways you can improve both your business and your personal well-being. Here are several things you can do that will give you an immediate lift and should take not much longer than an hour in total.

1. Make a to-do list as soon as you arrive each day. Write it down with a pen and keep it in view. Cross the items out as you do them.

2.Walking, running, swimming, going to the gym. It really doesn’t matter. If you look to raise your heartbeat for only ten minutes a day, it will work wonders, especially if you have a sedentary job. A few squats, lunges and air-punches can be done without taking up too much room. Failing that, walk up and down the stairs ten times. Exercise helps you feel better and work better. Doing the exercise at the start of the day is better as it will increase your metabolism for the whole time you are at work.

3. Take ten minutes each day to identify five well-fitting prospects to speak to. LinkedIn is a great resource for determining who is the best person in an organisation to contact initially. Use your knowledge of previous clients and try to replicate the position and level of authority at your potential customer.

4. Ring them. It doesn’t hurt. You are attempting to improve their life by offering them your service. If they don’t want it, fine, move on. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Even if they don’t want something now, ask if you can send them something via email for them to keep on file in case they change their mind. You then have their contact details.

5. Snack healthily. Keeping your energy at its maximum takes fuel. The more healthy the fuel, the more high octane the outcome. There are loads of ways to find out what food works best for you. Your doctor, a dietician, Google and good advice from friends.

6. Spend 10 minutes updating your CRM. Add as much detail as possible to conversations you’ve had. Enter LinkedIn addresses; they are always useful to see where people move to. People move on and often stay in a similar industry, stay up to date and you get a ready-made contact at a new industry.

7. After a worthy conversation with a prospect, look for them on LinkedIn and if they are there, add them. It’s a business relationship tool, you are not asking to be their best friend.

8. Update your LinkedIn. The more you use it, the better it will work for you. Try not to be boring but keep it going. It doesn’t just have to be about work, showing that you are having fun with your colleagues is really engaging and lets your prospects know that you are a friendly bunch.

9.Take time to relax once your work day is done. Transition from your working to personal identity. It can be done in the office, the car, while walking or even while on the toilet. If you can do it on public transport, great. If not, wait until you reach your stop.

There you go, a few tasks that will soon see you benefit without you having to extend your working day. You will be fitter, more profitable, up-to-date and capable of dealing with the problems that hard-work can bring.

Dave Hall, owner of – Father of two boys, Husband, Rugby Coach and occasional stand-up comedian.

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Photo by bruce mars from Pexels