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As the 6th largest state in terms of supplying energy to the country, New Mexico benefits a lot from its oil and gas production industry where much of its income comes from. Contributing up to 4% of the country’s crude oil use and 4.3% of its natural gas use in 2014, and owning vast oil reserves, New Mexico’s energy production sector is a driving force behind its economy with companies working in that sector generating a total of $2 billion in tax revenue annually.

New Mexico also dominates when it comes to its retail industry which, despite a recent decrease in employment growth, is expected to be one of the top 5 industries to experience growth well into 2020 which would also support its growing tourism industry and accommodation service industry as well. This industry, though, trails behind the southwestern state’s leading sector which is healthcare with a steady job growth of 13% since 2007 adding nearly 15,000 new jobs with healthcare practitioners making an average salary of $73,000.

Other strong sectors include public administration where a quarter of the state’s workforce works at according to New Mexico’s Economic Development Department and educational services which currently provides 78,000 jobs to its workforce. Small businesses in New Mexico operating in any of these industries will definitely benefit a lot from the growth of these sectors but for those that can’t because of financial issues, it will be difficult for their business to prosper. If you’re one of those businesses struggling to make ends meet then come talk to us at Smart Business Funding and we’ll help you get the money you deserve.

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