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New Jersey is known for a lot of things such as popular attractions like, Atlantic City, which has the world’s longest boardwalk and being the home state of legendary icons such as Frank Sinatra, Whitney Houston, and Bruce Springsteen. What some people, however, may not know about New Jersey is that it is the largest chemical manufacturing state in the whole country and has a strong industry in bio-pharmaceuticals and life science.

The east coast state has a strong economy in medical science covering areas such as biotechnology and medical device manufacturing, a sector which saw a 9.1% growth in the number of businesses opened between 2007 and 2012 paying $14.8 billion in wages for 2012 alone. What’s more, it has the world’s highest concentration of scientists and engineers and is ranked #2 for national institutes in health funding with strong research institutions such as Princeton and Rutgers being ranked among the country’s best when it comes to research.

When it comes to logistics, New Jersey’s transportation industry benefits from being able to cater to the needs of 40% of the U.S’s population overnight in addition to being the location of 3 major seaports and a large international airport contributing more than $56.8 billion to the state’s GDP in 2015. Its other top performing industries include technology, healthcare, and manufacturing. Despite supporting all these industries, New Jersey still faces challenges especially after the 2008 financial crisis where the state only saw a 62% return in jobs lagging behind the national average which is 132% as of 2016.

Small Business Funding New Jersey

Without small businesses, local economies suffer since small businesses employ more people in the workforce then larger corporations and help stimulate the economy by not only providing jobs but by being a source of innovation and growth. It is why we at Smart Business Funding believe in supporting small businesses by providing access to quick and easy access to funding without having to jump through hurdles that would hold your business back. With us, you get financing that we can send to you in less than 48 hours even if you have bad credit. Our applications are done online meaning no paperwork and the funding is flexible enough to work with any industry. There are no surprises when it comes to monthly payments because we charge at a flexible rate that works within the needs of your business.


Businesses interested in applying for funding from us must make a minimum of $5,000.00 in monthly sales and show that they have been in business for at least 3 months. Bank account balances must not have gone negative 8 times per given month as well.

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