Many business owners can tell you how useful credit cards are to their businesses and for good reasons they are. There are many benefits that come from putting all of your business’s expenses on your credit card such as rebates and does the accounting for your business in a convenient fashion. It is very popular among business owners considering that in a recent research 65 % of businesses say credit cards are the most useful cash management service for their business. With this in mind it should make sense that they be responsible for how they use their credit cards. Another thing that should be kept in mind is that not all credit cards come in as rectangular pieces of plastic as now there is a way for business owners to make transactions without having to worry about whether or not anybody will steal their credit card number because it disappears after they use it. Virtual credit cards have come to become popular to business owners in recent years but not only for their security benefit too but for a variety of other reasons too.

As noted above virtual credit cards have the benefit of providing unmatched security when a business owner wants to make a purchase and not have to worry about people obtaining information about their card. The number is used only once and it disappears immediately after making it hard for hackers to have access to credit card data and transactions. There is also a limit to the amount the transaction must hold and a expiration time frame that would further limit access to data and  hacking activity. With virtual credit cards you can basically use multiple set of numbers to perform individual transactions so you don’t have to open multiple accounts as oppose traditional credit cards which requires that you use the same numbers over and over considering that you have just the one for your business.

Virtual credit cards have the benefits of providing zero waste a very handy feature in a time where environmental consciousness has grown and considering the  direction technology is heading towards things are being done at a quicker pace and everything that we do on paper is quickly be done online through automation. With the rise of automation time and paper is being saved as checks, forms and other important paper related task can be done much faster without wasting paper which is why companies like ViewPost whose customers were spared of wasting 423,000 tons of paper since they were founded in 2011. Tanya Plotnikoff, EVP of  “As technology enters the virtual credit card space we will see rapid maturation, and they will quickly become one of the go-to payment methods for companies eager to earn rebates while reducing or eliminating paper checks.” While all of this is good what other benefits could the users themselves get? Well when you use virtual credit cards just like their plastic counterpart they offer rebate rewards on invoice-based spending that goes along with the extra security they’re getting as oppose to regular credit cards.“Virtual credit card payments are poised to bring important benefits to businesses of all sizes in 2017,” says Max Eliscu, CEO of ViewPost.

With virtual credit cards business transactions are becoming more safe, streamlined and more easier to do and once compared to credit cards have a much better rebate rewards too. With everything becoming more fast paced and moving online it’s worth it as a business owner to see what you can gain from using this wonderful new tool as it combines some of the best qualities credit cards offer with better security and lower risks. If you’re a business owner maybe it’s time you ditched the plastic and start taking your business further into the virtual world.

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