Nebraska Business Owners, welcome to Smart Business Funding.

With its strong background in farming and cattle raising, Nebraska has managed to push boundaries and find innovative ways to attract companies to its booming agricultural industry. Nebraska is one of the top producers of corn, beef and meat in the country challenging traditional agricultural practices to meet the consumer demands to provide quality food products. Nebraska has also found success diversifying its economy by investing in other industries too such as finance/ insurance, advanced manufacturing and health and medical services. As of December 2014, Nebraska has managed to have the second lowest unemployment rate in the country proving how successful it has managed to implement changes to its economy.

Despite this, there has been some lag in its financial sector and health-care services industries being that it has experienced slow pace in growth when it comes to financing ever since the 2008 financial crisis hit. This comes as a big surprise being that after the recession hit, its employment rate grew by 9.5% compared to the national average of 6.5%. Its medical sector also lags behind the national average when it comes to growth due to having a shortage of pharmaceutical company research offices and small private biomedical research base. If there’s one thing that’s for certain it’s that Nebraska needs more small businesses working in these industries to compete on a national level which is why we at Smart Business Funding would like to help any small business operating in Nebraska meet that goal.

Small Business Funding in Nebraska

We provide financing for businesses that struggle to get funding from banks whether it’s because of poor credit or the type of industry they work in. We are not strict on how you use the funds for your business and we offer benefits that most other banks can’t provide such as quick funding (around 2 days) and a flexible repayment plan that works for your business. We offer high approval ratings and flexible monthly payment rates to keep you in business. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain just by filling out our online application which takes less than an hour to fill.

Apply for Business Funding 

We make it easy for you to apply for small business funding. Nebraskan small business owners can call us at Phone: 1-866-Re-Smart (1-866-73-76278) or visit website at


Like applying, qualifying for new funding is not particularly hard. We want everyone to have a chance at getting their business financing. Nebraskan small businesses can qualify just as long as they have been in business for about three months and have a monthly avenue of $5,000.00. Local businesses may be contacted for additional questions for the qualification.