Do you own a medical practice? If you do, then you understand how important it is for doctors and other medical professionals to have access to quick funding to support their practices which is why many are turning to alternative lenders to help with their cash flow needs. As of recently, many businesses are struggling to get business loans as many banks are tightening up their lending policies leaving many small businesses on their own when it comes to financing. Among the sectors being the hardest by these changes in lending standards is the medical practice financing sector. Fewer patients are visiting their doctors and banks are offering less medial funding loans leaving many practices to turn to alternative sources of funding.

At Smart Business Funding, we offer quick and easy access to financing in the form of both business loans and merchant cash advances, the latter offers applicants to gain access to funding in less than 48 hours even with bad credit. When it comes to medical practice funding, alternative lenders typically specialize in offering creative options that will allow practices to pay off their debts such as using unpaid invoices from patients to secure loans. This grants them favorable payment plans which coupled with high approval rates has made alternative lenders an attractive choice to receive funding. With us at Smart Business Funding, our application forms are all done online meaning no paperwork and payments are taken automatically from your business’s monthly revenue at an adjusted rate and like most alternative lenders, our approval rates are also high and collateral is not required to apply with us which means less stress on you. Call or text us at 917-533-2979 to see what we can do for your practice today.