Knowing how to market your business can determine how successful you’ll be at attracting people to it. Businesses thrive on exposure which is why many of them invest in marketing strategies to target a specific customer. Investments in new marketing skills can help businesses create brand awareness, helping them stand out from competitors. Many companies have achieved this through large advertising campaigns but for smaller businesses, this option isn’t always financially practical. Luckily, there are other ways small businesses can market their service for less, one of which includes community outreach.

 There lots of reasons why small business owners can benefit from advertising their business in their community. For one, advertising locally can help build trust as a customer becomes more familiar with your business over time. Local advertising space also costs less money, but you shouldn’t limit your marketing strategies on just billboards and flyers. Here are 4 other ways you can promote your business in your community for less.


The web is one of the greatest tools you can use to spread the word about your business for free. Never has it been more important for businesses today to have some sort of presence online. The internet has made it easier for people to share ideas, exchange information and connect with others like never before. Popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have made it easier for businesses to reach millions of people. Customers who follow you can receive updates on the latest offers or products and interact with you about anything. Other ways you can promote your business includes blogging, joining online communities and creating video content on YouTube. The strategies you can use to market your business online are endless.

  Teaming Up

Working with other establishments can benefit your business in more ways than one. Working with other organizations like schools and charities can help you build a good reputation, an invaluable asset worth having. Doing this would leave a positive impression about your business to other people who be more willing to support it. Partnering with other businesses can connect you with more people who can tell their friends and family about your business. This will ensure that your business will further stay connected with your community.


In addition to working with local organizations, businesses could volunteer to support events going on in their community too. This could be in the form of donations to local charitable drives or sponsoring a little league team. Businesses would not only be improving their neighborhoods but their public image as well. Volunteering in annual events or hosting your own is another way you can promote your business while meeting new people. Working with entities like nonprofit organizations can further help you build a larger customer base while making a positive contribution. Other helpful suggestions as to how businesses can be more active in their communities can be found here.


Newspapers, while slowly fading away, is still another relevant way you can advertise your business. Marketing your business through a weekly local paper is usually cheaper than a daily periodical and has fewer ads too. This gives a chance for your business to stand out more. If you want, you could share the advertising space with other businesses to save on cost and still be visible. You can also reach out to the press if you’re planning on doing anything newsworthy. A press release is one of the most effective methods of marketing out there. If you don’t know where to look, you could use websites like PRLog, Betanews, and OpenPR as a start.  Other sites like HARO, can directly connect you with journalists on a topic of interest that can relate to you.  Just make sure that you keep your business away from bad press.

 Investing in a marketing strategy geared towards the people in your community can go a long way for a business.  Not only would marketing in your community be easier, the relationships you develop with customers would also be much deeper.  Community outreach would also allow businesses to have more prominent roles in the betterment of their community. Giving back lets people know that you care more about them than just the business they bring to you. When your customers are not just strangers shopping around, marketing what you have to offer becomes less of a hassle. These are some of the ways you can cost-effectively market your business while supporting your community at the same time.