Marketing is an essential skill you must have in order for word to get out about your business. Businesses thrive through exposure and marketing is the channel that shines a spotlight on your business so unless you like having no customers in your business you have to invest in your marketing strategy. Marketing skills can give you a competitive edge over your rivals but creating a huge marketing campaign could be cost ineffective if your a small business so one of the best options available is community outreach which is very inexpensive but very effective. Here are 4 ways you can let people know about your business in your neighborhood.

        Online– The web is one of the greatest tools you can use to spread the word about your business and the best part is that it is free. Online marketing is a very popular outlet as everyone people and business alike have some sort of online presence through their emails, websites etc. You can promote your business through the most popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter which have millions of users worldwide. People can follow you and see what you can offer and the best part is there is a continuous network of people that you can reach. Youtube also free can be used if anyone wants to get visual idea of how your business is like and gets you good visibility on search engines.

       Teaming Up– Working with other establishments can work in the best interest of not only you but who you’re partnering with too whether it be a school, another business or a non profit organization. By offering products and services to another organization you can receive positive publicity. Local schools and businesses can connect you with families and people can tell their friends about your services when you partner with someone they know at a local establishment. Your partnership this way can ensure your business is connected with the community.

        Events– In addition to working other businesses, schools and local organizations you can participate in any event they have or you yourself can host an event and help get them exposure. By volunteering in events you get to meet more people, establish a good relationship with your host or guest organization and could get referrals for other jobs or services by them. Many non profit organizations have high number of contacts so having access to that potential list of customers could expand your businesses exposure.

         Periodicals– Newspapers though on the decline in attracting new customers is still another way to advertise your business. Local newspapers usually cost a small fraction of bigger ones to advertise and by paying a small fee and being active in your community you can boost your image of your business. If you have a larger budget you can also market to other outlets like radio, magazines or TV commercials or if you want something more simple past flyers, business cards and one billboard post couldn’t hurt.

          Investing in having a good relationship with your community can help benefit your business and your community.  If you put in the effort to working with and getting to know the people in your neighborhood you create a positive image for yourself which can go a long way for your business.  Community outreach is a great option for your business if you’re on a budget but keep in mind it takes work to build a strong relationship and community ties but it is worth it in the end.