Time is one of few things that we can never get enough of and for entrepreneurs it’s even more harder to get. Running a business or practice borrows a lot of the founder’s time leaving very little personal time for the owners themselves. For this reason alone it is important that business owners learn how to improve their time management skills so that they can balance what needs to be done with leisure time. You wouldn’t want to devote all your time to your business or you risk missing out on life and the time lost is time that can’t be returned. If you want to learn how to manage your time there many ways you can start but below are just a few suggestions to help you get started.

Cloud technology is one of many tools used to help businesses save time online. By organizing important documents and helping businesses communicate with other important parties helps save time when it comes to meeting important deadlines or collaborating on other projects. Other tools such as Google Docs allow people to work on assignments instantly without wasting time sending it to your email.  Apps like Trello enables you to keep track of other assignments through a card based system that allows you to get an overview of the progress of important projects through a visual interface. With all that can be said about the benefits of using technology to improve your ability to manage time it’s important to know that without a motivated work staff, technology alone will only help you with so much. Sometimes business owners can get caught up on their daily responsibilities that they forget to look at the whole picture. The time that is wasted doing the same task everyday can be saved by delegating some of those task to your employees which leaves you open room to focus on other things. Managers need to categorize their task based on its relative importance and set aside task that hold less priority for their employees to do. Not only does it save you time but it also empowers your employees and help them learn to take leading roles in your business.

Some owners would rather do everything on their own but being a smart business owner means knowing what you can do and knowing someone else who can do it better. Time is money in the world of business and splitting the workload between yourself and employees with specialized backgrounds saves you a lot of time and by that logic a lot of money. You must however be able to examine what could be improved in your business’s working process before you make the decision to hire someone new to the business. A reason for this is because sometimes instead of hiring new staff you can look into seeing where can options such as automation can fit into your business. Automation have the perks of performing the same task as any worker with greater efficiency, less errors and can be considered more cost effective to have in your business.

Your health can be a contributing factor to how well you manage your time as well. Research has shown that business owners are more constructive when they’re in good health and have no worries. The more time you have for yourself to unwind and kickback the more refreshed you’ll feel when you come back to work. Are Meisel, co-founder of Leverage says owners must be in a setting that would allow them to be physically active. “In general, people need to move and to hydrate. Those things in general will help you recharge.” Meditation and short walks are some of the most recommended physical activities owners and even employees can do to destress in their down time.The more time you spend reflecting on you can implement some of these solutions into your daily schedule the more time you can devote to the most important aspects of your business and of course to yourself.